JSON for Modern C++ 3.10.4

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template<template< typename U, typename V, typename... Args > class ObjectType = std::map, template< typename U, typename... Args > class ArrayType = std::vector, class StringType = std::string, class BooleanType = bool, class NumberIntegerType = std::int64_t, class NumberUnsignedType = std::uint64_t, class NumberFloatType = double, template< typename U > class AllocatorType = std::allocator, template< typename T, typename SFINAE=void > class JSONSerializer = adl_serializer, class BinaryType = std::vector<std::uint8_t>>
static basic_json nlohmann::basic_json< ObjectType, ArrayType, StringType, BooleanType, NumberIntegerType, NumberUnsignedType, NumberFloatType, AllocatorType, JSONSerializer, BinaryType >::binary ( typename binary_t::container_type &&  init,
typename binary_t::subtype_type  subtype 

Creates a JSON binary array value from a given binary container. Binary values are part of various binary formats, such as CBOR, MessagePack, and BSON. This constructor is used to create a value for serialization to those formats.

Note, this function exists because of the difficulty in correctly specifying the correct template overload in the standard value ctor, as both JSON arrays and JSON binary arrays are backed with some form of a std::vector. Because JSON binary arrays are a non-standard extension it was decided that it would be best to prevent automatic initialization of a binary array type, for backwards compatibility and so it does not happen on accident.
[in]initcontainer containing bytes to use as binary type
[in]subtypesubtype to use in MessagePack and BSON
JSON binary array value
Linear in the size of init.
Exception safety
Strong guarantee: if an exception is thrown, there are no changes to any JSON value.
version 3.8.0

Definition at line 19371 of file json.hpp.