JSON for Modern C++  3.7.2

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template<template< typename U, typename V, typename... Args > class ObjectType = std::map, template< typename U, typename... Args > class ArrayType = std::vector, class StringType = std::string, class BooleanType = bool, class NumberIntegerType = std::int64_t, class NumberUnsignedType = std::uint64_t, class NumberFloatType = double, template< typename U > class AllocatorType = std::allocator, template< typename T, typename SFINAE=void > class JSONSerializer = adl_serializer>
using nlohmann::basic_json::boolean_t = BooleanType

RFC 7159 implicitly describes a boolean as a type which differentiates the two literals true and false.

To store objects in C++, a type is defined by the template parameter BooleanType which chooses the type to use.

Default type

With the default values for BooleanType (bool), the default value for boolean_t is:



Boolean values are stored directly inside a basic_json type.

version 1.0.0

Definition at line 15151 of file json.hpp.