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template<typename BasicJsonType>
struct json_sax;

This class describes the SAX interface used by sax_parse. Each function is called in different situations while the input is parsed. The boolean return value informs the parser whether to continue processing the input.

Template parameters

a specialization of basic_json

Member types

Member functions

  • binary (virtual) - a binary value was read
  • boolean (virtual) - a boolean value was read
  • end_array (virtual) - the end of an array was read
  • end_object (virtual) - the end of an object was read
  • key (virtual) - an object key was read
  • null (virtual) - a null value was read
  • number_float (virtual) - a floating-point number was read
  • number_integer (virtual) - an integer number was read
  • number_unsigned (virtual) - an unsigned integer number was read
  • parse_error (virtual) - a parse error occurred
  • start_array (virtual) - the beginning of an array was read
  • start_object (virtual) - the beginning of an object was read
  • string (virtual) - a string value was read

Version history

  • Added in version 3.2.0.
  • Support for binary values (binary_t, binary) added in version 3.8.0.

Last update: May 1, 2022